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We have a vast range of expertise in a variety of rail engineering, assurance and management. Our expertise extends to:

Rolling Stock

Encompass Engineering can provide design, assurance, management and quality expertise for new and refurbished stocks. Our detail knowledge of train systems, their interactions and function is unparalleled. We can provide all aspects of managing, engineering, assuring and progressing train build quality from start to finish for such large projects.


Our undertsanding of the overground and underground rail networks is extensive. We have experience in working in various functions and projects and understand the Network Rail 'Guide to Railway Investment Projects' or GRIP. We have detailed knowledge of how the various organisations work and interact and with our methods, we have been able to bring projects in to time and budget.


As with other industries, the railway is very innovative and research is key to improving and developing the rail network. Encompass Engineering can provide engineering, system integration and introduction support to organisations wanting to bring in our expertise at the beginning, middle or towards the product introduction phases at the end of the products lifcycle. Our technical understanding and experience in this area will further enhance the products marketing ability.