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Assurance services

Every company is different, different ideals, different people, different requirements, standard and expectations. The assurance service that Encompass Engineering provides is tailored to a companies specific set-up and project. 

We will meet with u to assess how we can best assure the project you require. We ensure we have an informed base knowledge, this means absorbing the requirements, applicable industry, british and european standards that apply to the system/s being procured or built in house.

We then provide the engineering expertise to allow the project management team and or management hierarchy to make informed decisions when required. In most circumstances, the experience and capabilities that we have will allow correct engineering decisions to be made. Where there are more than one or they impact commercially, these options would be collated and presented accordingly to the management team and discussed to ensure the best way forward is decided upon for the company. 

These are our basic principles, however your companies needs and the service you require from ourselves will be specifically tailored to your company.